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Kippy Docs

                      2012 Grey Mare

Doctor Four Freckles  Doctors Kit     Dry Doc
                      Miss Par Four   Kit's Smoke
  SIRE                Zan Partender   Zan Parr Bar
                      Kippy Star Doc  Miss Miller 4
JP Tender Kip                         Zan Parr Bar
                                      My Lady Diamond
  DAM                                 Doc Clabber
                                      Kippy Pat Star

JP KIPPY DOCS 2012 Grey Mare (Fiona)

     Here is a really nice gentle up and coming young mare. Fiona is slowing being
worked into the ranch work. Have already been using her to move cows and rope
and doctor calves in the pasture. She has a lot of natural cow sense and really likes
to work. A lot of personality, she will pin her ears at a cow or the heel-o-matic. She
doesn’t need to be rode every day. You can catch her whenever, and she rides off
the same. A durable made mare with good foot and bone.
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